segunda-feira, 18 de maio de 2009


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At Piccadilly Circus in London, McDonald's has a dynamic billboard that stimulates both engagement and viral behaviour.

Playing on the irresistible human desire to pretend to interact with stuff that isn't really there, the billboard randomly flashes things like umbrellas, bouncing soccer balls, dumbbells and thought bubbles -- all waiting for some eager pedestrian down below to position his head and/or arms in just the right spot to spark spontaneous picture-taking.


5 comentários:

bf disse...

A grande questão é: como é que tu descobres estas coisas?

Panuci disse...

se te disser, tenho q te matar.

Noninhas disse...

Esta gente do marketing é fenomenal! Está fantástico

Isto faz-me lembrar 4 alminhas em Fevereiro de 2008 na trafalgar square

Suz disse...

:P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~my precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Topera disse...