quinta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2008

Never Ending Road

A life of hard days, days of anxiety, anxiety for solutions, solutions hard to reach. A merry-go-round of feelings, thoughts and nothing in between.

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Suz disse...

Olha amiga, nestas horas, passo a palavra a quem sabe:

"You lie on your bed like a submarine
With an open window letting the water in
Like a voice in a choir

A flicker on a fluorescent tube
An injured bird wandering around the room
That was caught in the wire

So don't you go playing tough
I know this game and I had enough
So let's keep it clear

Free from all those little schemes
A little bit more like dreams...

You're famous for you dancing feet
But you're tap-dancing on wet concrete
Hey Fred, cool it down..

You're pointing cameras at hurricanes
Like you could stop them, lock them in frames
A scream with no sound

So don't you go and be the best
There's no one running, this ain't a test
It's you and me here

This is like nothing you've seen
Like a nightmare, like a dream

It's right in front of you
The longest road for you to walk through
If this is the place to start
Then go, follow your heart"

The Longest Road, David Fonseca

Suz disse...

Faltou a conclusão: pode ser longa, a road, mas tem um fim, ah isso tem


Bubbles disse...

Wait for it, wait for it...

PrimusBaro disse...

Longa é a estrada,
Tortuoso o caminho.
Cabeça erguida,
Paz no espírito.

Panuci disse...

Obrigada pessoal =) You're the best!

Noninhas disse...

Já faltou mais para encontrares o teu caminho. Confia

Bubbles disse...

Cambada de fofos e fofas!!!! LOL

PrimusBaro disse...


Estás que insinuar que eu sou gordo?!


Topera disse...

Todos merecemos ter aquilo que tanto desejamos!!!

E TU PRINCESS, mereces mesmo muito,

és uma fofa,
uma queriduxa,
um doce,
uma lutadora,
uma guerreira,
um orgulho!!

E nao desesperes, mais cedo ou mais tarde, tudo vai sorrir!!!